How storing cannabis in Mylar bags increase the shelf life

Whether you own a dispensary, a recreational cannabis business, or simply use cannabis for personal reasons, properly storing cannabis is critical. Cannabis should be kept away from light, heat, oxygen, and air since doing so might cause your buds to dry out, get stale, and lose their potency. If you want your buds to remain fresh, Mylar Bags are a great option.

A unique type of polyester film is used to make Mylar Bags. They’re not only more successful at keeping out air, moisture, and heat than conventional storage choices, but they’re also lighter and easier to use. They’re particularly handy for preserving cannabis items before selling them, although they can also be utilized for personal or business reasons. This is a guide on using Mylar Bags to increase the shelf life of cannabis.

Understanding Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags are one of the greatest ways for keeping cannabis fresh. These bags were first developed in the 1950s by DuPont, who used a specific form of polyester film to keep out different factors such as heat, moisture, and oxygen. They’re great for storing items like coffee beans and meals, but they’re also great for cannabis.

Keeping things in Mylar Bags protects them from potential harm in the same manner as vacuum-sealing does. They’re small and light, yet surprisingly robust, so they won’t rip or tear by accident, and they can be used for both short- and long-term storage. They’re frequently used for packaging things before they’re sold, especially because they’re less expensive than sealed glass containers.

Mylar bags are available in various sizes to fit a variety of applications, and you can even have bespoke Mylar Bags imprinted with your company’s name and emblem. They’re devoid of chemicals, making them far safer than plastic, and they’re highly efficient and simple to use because they can be sealed and resealed.

Why Storing Cannabis in Mylar Bags Increase Shelf Life

Mylar bags are a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking a proper cannabis storage solution. When it comes to cannabis storage, Mylar Bags have a lot of advantages, and they’re also a lot more economical and efficient than other options. Here are some reasons why you need Mylar bags to increase the shelf life of cannabis:

  • When it comes to cannabis storage, an essential thing to remember is to keep it away from heat, light, moisture, and air since these factors may quickly impair the quality and potency of cannabis buds. Mylar Bags are a great method to keep your cannabis goods protected from the weather while also being smaller, lighter, and less expensive than glass jars.
  • Mylar Bags are very resilient, despite their tiny look. They’re incredibly tear-resistant and may be reused several times. Furthermore, unlike sealable plastic bags, Mylar Bags do not collect odor, do not deteriorate quickly, and are toxin-free, making them suitable for both short- and long-term cannabis storage.
  • You must store cannabis goods in legally acceptable containers that are odor-proof, child-resistant, and tamper-proof when you sell them. All of these criteria are met by Mylar Bags. They can keep cannabis in good condition for a long time while also preventing youngsters from getting into them and making it obvious if they’ve been opened at any point.
  • In addition to all of these advantages, Mylar Bags are simple to use and come in various sizes, just like the 5g bags to accommodate any type of cannabis product. Following the placement of your items inside, they may be properly sealed, ensuring that neither you nor your consumers are concerned about the products losing their efficacy or being tampered with.

Where To Buy Mylar Bags For Cannabis

You may get Mylar Bags for cannabis online at Creative Labz if you’re seeking them. We provide high-quality bespoke Mylar Bags for all of your cannabis requirements. Your company name and brand may even be printed on each bag, guaranteeing that your consumers remember you for your superior quality and service.


Using Mylar Bags to preserve cannabis is the ideal alternative, especially for cannabis retailers and dispensaries. Mylar Bags are strong, lawful, and will keep your stuff fresh and potent without causing damage. Creative Labz sells personalized Mylar Bags as well as a variety of other unique cannabis items.