A college education must be viewed as an investment in the future of the student rather than as expenditure. But everyone would like to maximize his return on investment. Good placement test preparations by working on placement sample questions can boost your score and this is the way, how to save money on English college courses.

The Placement Test holds the key

The opportunity to save money arrives with the placement test. Read through the syllabi for the courses. Juxtapose that with your own knowledge and skills. You should have a good idea of which course you should be admitted to. You obviously do not want your performance to be such that you are admitted to a remedial course rather than say to a developmental or college level course. That would clearly imply more investment of time and money. Appearing for a re-test also means a further outflow of funds. On an average the fees for an English college preparation course is US$ 1600 and it takes six months to complete an ESL preparation course.


Well begun is half done

Working with Accuplacer sample questions is the best way to come out with flying colors from your placement test. Accuplacer sample tests familiarize you with the test format. Appearing for the test without adequate Accuplacer test preparation could have an unfortunate aftermath.



The Accuplacer test has a multiple choice structure. The answer is there in front of you but you still have to make the correct selection.  Even if you are proficient, your chances will be enhanced by frequent practice with Accuplacer sample questions.

No comebacks

Accuplacer is a computerized test which prohibits return to a question which has been answered. You need to focus and select the right option before moving on. Accuplacer sample tests which mimic real test environments improve your performance.

Computer adaptive

Accuplacer is a computer adaptive test. The questions pop up on the screen according to the perceived ability of the test taker. If you err on a question, the next one will be simpler. As you answer correctly, the difficulty level increases progressively.  That is what you want so that you advance towards placement in a higher level course saving money and time. Regular training with Accuplacer sample tests will help you achieve this goal.


Only a placement test

It is true that Accuplacer is only a placement test without any concept of “passing” or “failing”. But do not make the error of taking the placement test lightly.  Else, you could end up spending more money and time for your college degree.  All colleges decide the minimum scores required for admission to different levels of English courses. Good Accuplacer test preparations by working on Accuplacer sample questions and Accuplacer sample tests will help you. Your scores will be higher and you will be get accepted directly in a college level program.  That way. You will save time and money.






No matter how competent you may feel, Accuplacer sample questions and Accuplacer sample tests will make you more proficient. You can review your performance and keep brushing up your skills. You can save substantial financial resources and time by scoring higher so that pre-college courses are avoided and you are accepted for a college level program.

Prepare well and study hard!