Your European Sustainable Fashion Online Shop – Sustainably Chic with ECIZO

With ECIZO you are part of a big and green revolution and with your order, you are ensuring a little more fairness on our planet. By pampering yourself with long-lasting and pollution-free fashion, you support fair wages and good working conditions. It has never been so easy to be sustainable and look damn good at the same time.


Living more sustainably does not only mean choosing a paper bag in the supermarket instead of a plastic bag but rather affects every single area of our lives. A sustainable lifestyle particularly aims to protect the environment, reduce the consumption of resources and also protect our health from unnecessary pollutants.


The ethical fashion online shop ECIZO offers a diverse range of sustainable fashion brands from Europe and has felt a deep connection to nature since childhood and is constantly turning our lives into more sustainable ones: People Tree, ThokkThokk, Suite 13, Kuyichi, Won Hundred, Kings of Indigo, Komodo, Mela Wear, Vaude, Swedish Stockings, Living Crafts, Flamingo´s Life, or Heaven Lab are just a selection of brands the new sustainable online shop ECIZO has to offer.


Sustainability is great. But what if you don’t even know what is sustainable because of so much eco, organic and fairness? ECIZO opposes greenwashing and gives you security on your sustainable online shopping. Their guarantee for fair and organic fashion is called GOTS. With GOTS you can be sure that you are buying biologically and ecologically harmless clothing and that no child has been forced to make them. All those involved receive fair wages for their work.


The online shop is a platform for stylish and sustainable – partly vegan – clothing and accessories for Women, Men and Children. Here you find sustainable values and a great style. Every piece of clothing at ECIZO contributes to social responsibility, environmental protection and a global rethink. Because the avoidance of animal suffering also plays a role here, most of the products at ECIZO on offer are vegan. With the selection of manufacturers for vegan clothing, which ranges from THOKK THOKK to PEOPLE TREE or MELA WEAR to NAE VEGAN SHOES, you will find numerous favourite items without leather, wool, angora or other animal components. Vegan fairtrade clothing is what you want? Go on a search by either entering the keyword “vegan” in the search bar or clicking on your favourite item and looking for material information and seals. If you are not sure whether a part is what you want it to be fair production or vegan materials, just contact customer service and get advice. You will find vegan branded clothing that makes you happy – whether it’s jeans or other categories of clothing.


The Global Organic Textile Standard is as extensive and exciting as the topic of sustainability itself. What exactly is behind it and why you are wearing GOTS-Certified clothing from are always on the safe side, you can read in ECIZO´s Green Journal.


ECIZO´s thoughts revolve around the central question of how we can become part of a better world. How can we take our place in social and ecological responsibility change while leading our lives and following our jobs? By having the right symbiosis of sustainability and fashion: the idea of ECIZO was born in 2020. ECIZO also arouses our curiosity for innovative materials and textiles and inspires us with their wide range of stylish brands. ECIZO is organic, fair and stylish: an unbeatable combination for a conscious and responsible online fashion purchase.