It is very important to speak proper English, but what is more, important is the way you speak. Do you have that feeling that people don’t understand you what are you saying?

Is the problem that your English is bad or that your accent is hard to understand?

It has never been more important to speak clear and proper English than now. Your first impression will open doors to new opportunities if you are prepared, or they will stay closed if you’re not.

We can help you! Here are some tricks how to improve your English accent.


Listen to the radio or watch TV.

It might sound funny, but your brain is memorizing the words you hear. After some practice, you will start to improve your English only by listening to the music or news on the television. It is very important to choose the correct native English speaking television or radio. If you listen to the radio when non-native speakers are talking, you will memorize the wrong English.


Interact with other people.

Use your native language with your friends and relatives. If your native language is Spanish, speak Spanish to your non-English friends and relatives. Do NOT try to speak English to them! Most likely you will get and memorize their Spanish accent and will never learn the correct one. You have to learn how to separate two languages and not to mix them up!




Learn the correct accent.

You need to learn the correct accent, so you need to learn how to switch your brain from one language to another. You will start to speak clearly and more confidently. To help you improve your English and get great results, visit The American Accent Course for Pronunciation Classes, Speaking and Listening Exercises. They have Live Online Sessions and much more.

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