How to Hack the Facebook Account

Hack the Facebook is one of the most desirable topics on the internet. So, let’s be realistic. The data available from 2015 shows that Facebook has as many as 12,691 full-time employees and a big portion of these employees are taking care of the security of the platform. There is not a lot of chances to hack the Facebook unless you are a specially gifted individual who could solve this in less than three seconds; 1920 x 1080 = ?

Well if your brain came up with the answer: “That’s the HD TV resolution”, you are on a good way of being one day a real hacker. If your brain told you that the answer is two million seventy-three thousand six hundred, you are better than rest of us and should be serious about working for Google or even Facebook.

But back to our Facebook hack. For an average user, it is impossible to hack Facebook but it is possible to hack Facebook account :0 . First of all, forget about all the easy to install one click solutions. They are for the crowds of human sheep. These applications just use you for some marketing purpose or simply infect your computer.

You still have some options: Hire a real hacker on the Onion Net, Install keylogger on the computer where the target accessing the internet (this is possible only if you have access to the equipment of your target).

Use Social Engineering and phishing method. This might sounds very sophisticated but it is not. There are free tools out there, which can make this part very easy. You can find the whole video tutorial here : How To Hack Facebook Account

You can check another tutorial here!

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