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Word’s grammar and spell check feature can certainly help you write an error-free document. However, your document can still have embarrassing errors if you do not carefully read it. If you proofread and edit your own document, you may catch most of the mistakes, but you are still too “close” to it to see all of them. Grammar check software from Grammarly is the best free online grammar checker and can be just what you need to quickly edit and proofread your work.

When you need to send out a report or email right away, you do not have time to wait until you have fresh eyes to look at it to see any grammatical flubs. Uploading or copying and pasting the text of the document into Grammarly is a fast and efficient way to get your document up to final draft quality in no time.

Grammarly finds over 250 types of grammatical errors right after you click “Check your text.” It can find 10 times the mistakes that Word or any other word-processor can, meaning that your text will be as close to error-free as grammar check software can make it. The grammar rules it checks for range from modifier location to using articles correctly to subject-verb agreement. You can be sure of using correct grammar when you check your document with Grammarly.

In addition, Grammarly also points out words you spelled right but that are used in the wrong context. For example, if you wrote, “She thought she would loose her shoe on the hike,” Grammarly would let you know instantly that the word you meant to type was “lose,” not “loose.”

Furthermore, Grammarly suggests better vocabulary words for your document. If you repeatedly use the same adjective or noun, for example, Grammarly can suggest synonyms that will increase your text’s impact. When you have sales copy or an academic essay to turn in, Grammarly is the best free online grammar checker on the market and ensures that your document’s readability is improved.




Grammarly is ready to help you make your document stand out from the crowd. Whether you are submitting a resume or you’re about to hit send on an email draft, Grammarly spots grammatical and spelling errors that can help prevent embarrassment from a poorly-written document.

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