How Using a Vaporizer Rather than Smoking Can Improve Your Health

The most common way how to consume marijuana is smoking. It is easy and affordable but unfortunately not the healthiest way. Vaping marijuana is the next very common practice and it actually has more health benefits to the consumers comparing to smoking. During the process of vaporizing, the cannabinoids evaporate from the heated cannabis in the chamber of the vaping pen or vaporizer. Smoking causes hypoxia where the carbon monoxide from the smoke is directly affecting the brain. Some smokers have difficulty to switch from smoking to vaping because of the effect of hypoxia. While smoking involves burning marijuana with an open fire, vaping is based on heating the concentrate which allows getting more cannabinoids from the same amount of cannabis and get you a better high. To achieve better high, you will need some quality equipment. Some shops, they offer vapes at the highest end of the market in terms of quality and pricing but search in the right places and you can find a host of Storz & Bickel coupons.

Another disadvantage is the effect of smoke on the respiratory system. Vaping makes marijuana taste better and is less invasive for the user’s health. There are many different flavors available and the elimination of a bad taste of carbon is another benefit of vaping comparing with smoking. So, vaporizing can dramatically cut the smell of marijuana which is very handy in many situations. The smell isn’t fully eliminated but the vaporized steam doses do not stay in the clothes. So check for some vaporizers and enjoy the benefits of vaping. If you want to buy from one of the biggest online stores, again, find yourself a promo code first and save some money at Dankstop.

Another great news for vaping users is the recycling opportunity of ABV which stands for “Already Been Vaped”. ABV herb still contains THC and CBD and can be used for many different treats. There are many recipes out there about how to make cannabis-infused coconut butter or oil from ABV. The most popular is cannabutter. The collection of ABV will take some time. The best color of your ABV is light brown which means that the “waste” contains some THC or CBD. Nevertheless, if you got a black color there is nothing to save and it is a better idea to dispose of it all. The best ratio to make a cannabutter is 15g of ABV waste to 100g of butter. The process of making your own cannabutter is long but rewarding. It takes some patience to put it together and wait until all infused THC or CBD is extracted into the butter. Look online or ask your fellow stoners about the ways how to use marijuana for cooking, backing or infusing different treats. The options are limitless.