Feminized Cannabis Seeds

For anyone new to the cannabis industry it might sound surprising but not all cannabis plants produce cannabinoid-rich flowers. The female cannabis plants produce the flowers most consumers are looking for because they deliver the desirable effects on the human brain. This is one of the reasons why industrial cannabis growers focus only on growing female genetic modified cannabis seeds, to be able to produce exclusively only the female cannabis plants. One of the popular seeds are the Girl Scout Cookies Seeds.

In the natural environment with traditional breeding techniques, the produce creates both female and male seeds. This technique brings only fifty percent win on the female seeds which are the most desirable ones. As we can see, growing marijuana from regular seeds isn’t very effective and productive. In the industry, it would cost almost half of the yield to be lost with only male plants. Male plants are not only bad for the overall yield but they can also spoil the entire grow. They also wasting grower’s resources and valuable space in the garden.

This 50 percent chance is a reason why growers grow as many as double seeds comparing with their expecting harvest yields. Focusing entirely only on feminized seeds saves time and space comparing with the germination of regular seeds. Then you, might be asking why do growers take time and waste resources on the male plants? The answer is, they don’t know at the very beginning while seeding the plant if the final plant will be male or female. Plants don’t express their sex until they mature past their vegetative stage. Some strains might show the signs of the sex earlier but the effort grower put into the germination will never come back or gain any return on investments.

Once the plants are showing signs of their potential sex, the grower must go through his garden and take out all the male plants to prevent pollination of the female plants. It’s much more reliable to use feminized seeds to prevent this hassles, maximize the yield and the return on investments. There are a few techniques how to control cannabis plant’s sex. One of them is to stress out a healthy female plant, interrupt its light cycle during flowering. The second and more effective is to use a controlled method in a spray. Colloidal silver and silver thiosulphate solutions are available. With this methods, the sex of the plant is under control and the yields are great.

If you serious about growing marijuana indoor or outdoor, feminized seeds and Autoflower Seeds is something you should definitely look into…