Learning better English will open windows of opportunity for you! New friends, study opportunities, and job opportunities are waiting for you.

But how can you learn English faster and easier? What are The Best Ways to Study English? The answer is by combining online learning and traditional study.
Thanks to technology, we can study and actually learn English much faster and easier for less money.

Here’s the science behind and how it works:

The human brain has two types of memory, short-term and long-term.
The Short-Term memory is where less important things are stored. We can simply forget them because our brains will delete this information as unimportant. An example of this would be the names of people you met yesterday at a party.
Long-Term Memory is where the important things are stored. Your brain stores them and always remembers them.

Why is this important to know?

The classical study of reading books and listening to a teacher will bring the information only into the short memory, and your brain will delete this “knowledge” at some point.

Online interaction is based on a different technique and will bring the information into your Long Term Memory. That is where you want to have the language saved. You will remember more in a short period of time!

Everybody can speak some language

Babies don’t know how to read books, and yet they learn to speak. As a baby, you started to learn your mother language through interaction. It is a natural process and the most effective one! With new technologies (tablet, smartphone, PC), you can start to learn the new language much more effectively and to remember more words and grammar in a shorter time.




Where to start?

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