Colleges claim that there is no pass or fail grade on the placement test. But what happens if you don’t collect enough points and end up in an expensive, non-credited ESL class?

What are your options?

Some colleges are offering a second chance and after 48 hours you can be retested one more time. This eliminates complaints about tiredness or the “bad day” effect. But not all colleges are so student friendly and offer only one trial.

But there is a way around it.

Let’s face it. ESL classes are expensive, boring, and non-credited. Colleges love to place entry students in these classes. They are one of the top revenue making classes for every college. They are very helpful too. Don’t get me wrong. These classes will help you to improve your language skills, teach you how to write an essay, etc.

But are they really necessary for you?

There are tons of degrees where English is a secondary part of the study. Here is the trick. If you feel like you deserve a second chance, be smart. There are certainly multiple colleges in your area. Choose one you like the most and would like to study at. Check their policy for transferring Placement Test Grades. (Some colleges are offering placement test transfers but most of them don’t — you might be lucky)

If your favorite college is not offering placement grade transfers, you have two options.

Option One.

Choose one college in your area, that you don’t want to study at, and sign up for their placement test. Make sure the placement test is similar to the test of your preferred college. Get ready for the test with our BUNDLE SPECIAL and take the test to see how it feels to go through the placement test. In most of the colleges, the placement testing is free of charge on a walk-in basis. It doesn’t matter if you pass or fail, just test yourself out this way. If you go for a placement test, there is no contract between you and the college. You don’t have to study there; you are just testing your knowledge. Now you can take advantage of this and try two or three colleges before you go for the placement test in your chosen college… This will give you confidence and show you what to expect on the D-day.

Option Two.

Some colleges have easier placement testing than others. If you are confident with your English level and know that you will be fine to study the materials with ease, choose this option. Study hard with our BUNDLE SPECIAL and go for a test at two or three colleges and then in your favorite college too. If you succeed in at least one college test, you will be automatically assigned to a CREDITED entry level English Language Class (often called ENGLISH 101). Pay for this credited class and go through it. Do it online if possible. You have to get at least a “C” grade to be able to transfer this class to your favorite college!

The trick is…

Colleges might have different placement tests and ESL classes. These classes and placement tests are non-transferable. But English 101 is a credited college class and can be transferred to any college. If you pass the English 101 class, you can easily transfer it to any other college and start your credited college education without any additional tests or ESL classes.





These options are only for people who are confident that their English is good enough for study in college. If you not sure if you need to pay for ESL class, get our Questions Bundle and find out. If you pass all questions with an 80% success rate, you are ready for college and can use these options even if you haven’t been successful on your first placement test trial. You can always pass the test in other colleges, take the English 101 class and transfer it to your favorite college. They will accept it and cancel all required ESL classes. You can use the saved money for your credited classes and get your degree faster and cheaper.