English Learning Software can instruct you in, polish and upgrade your English communication skill.

The Players
The leading players in the English Learning Software market are Tell Me More, Rocket Language, Living Languages, Fluenz and Babbel. Let’s take a look at the attributes of the leading players.

The Evaluation

Course Content
• Tell Me More’s English Learning Software is comprehensive and encapsulates all aspects of English learning;
• Rocket Language’s course content is without serious depth in reading and writing;
• Reading and writing instructions in the Living Languages, Fluenz and Babbel programs are satisfactory.

Entrance Evaluation
• Tell Me More has an online test to guide you about the program for which you should enrol;
• Rocket Language, Living Languages, Fluenz and Babbel have not incorporated an entrance test. The applicant is left to make his own choice. The possibility of learner frustration, when he discovers that he is in the wrong program cannot be ruled out

Target Learners
• Tell me More markets English Learning Software for three level -beginners, intermediate and advanced. In particular, the advanced learner’s    course is targeted at industry and academic professionals who need to master the nuances of the language;
• Rocket Language’s and Babbel’s target group is primarily beginners and short duration travellers. This may account for the surfeit of country-specific cultural information in its content;
• Living Languages content is designed for users planning to reside in the new country for a long time;
• Fluenz is intended for those who want to learn a new language completely. But, most new learners may be interested only in learning enough to secure entry-level employment.

Audio Content
• Living Languages approach of reading one sentence and single words at a time leaves much to be desired. This approach impedes contextual  understanding;
• Rocket Language’s audio content outdoes that of Living Languages but is not comparable to that of Tell Me More which is the leader in this sphere.

Visual Content
• The Visual content of Tell Me More shows to you daily situations which you are likely to encounter. This aids understanding of the context and relevance of the conversation. The speed of vocabulary building is enhanced.
• Additionally, Tell Me More uses weekly newsletters to introduce new vocabulary to the learner;
• Rocket Language is dependent on flashcards which are largely beginner oriented;
• Flash cards are also used by Living Languages though this tool is almost passe. .

Voice Recognition Software
• The voice recognition software of Tell Me More is unique. This software allows you to interact with it and to validate your pronunciation by matching it with the output from the software.

• Living Languages course content is especially strong in grammar. However, the passages selected to tutor the grammar principles are  uninteresting;
• Tell Me More provides video graphed grammar tuitions which have earned accolades from its learners for their effectiveness.
• The Grammar tuitions quality of Rocket Language, Fluenz and Babbel are standard.

Course Counsellor
• Tell Me More provides you with real-time contact with a mentor to assist you with any problem issues in the learning program;
• This system is also available with Fluenz though the response time is not comparable to that of Tell Me More;
• Helpline supports are also available from Rocket Language and Living Languages.
• Living Languages’ quality of e-tutoring is excellent. There are many learners who purchase the software only to acquire the e-tutoring module.

Progress Reports
• Tell Me More provides the learner with regular online progress reports depicted in charts and graphs;
• Rocket Language also measures the progress of learners and motivates its learners with badges as they progress through the course.

Alternative Media
• All Rocket Language’s audio content can be downloaded to any mobile device which supports MP3;
• Living Languages mobile apps can be purchased from the iTunes store, the Google Play store or the Nook app store;
• While this technology does allow the learner to learn on the go, its practical utility is debatable.

User Interface
• Tell Me More’s software obviates the need for frequent references to the software’s user manual because it has a user-friendly interface;
• Fluenz’s screen is aesthetically pleasing and the lessons are interesting.




The Verdict
Tell Me More by Rosetta Stone has a multi-pronged approach, employing audio, video, voice recognition, and games as tools to impart learning. On balance, the vote for the best English Learning Software must go to Tell Me More.

best english learning software

Best English Learning Software !!!

The Verdict on Budget
• Living Language English, Complete Edition (ESL/ELL): Beginner through advanced course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CDs, and free online learning is the BUDGET solution for every ESL beginner!!

best english learning software on budget

Best Budget English Learning Software!!