Far too often, there is a misconception about college placement tests and how to prepare for a placement test. The conversation is often about “passing or “failing” the test. This loses sight of the fact that the test is only for “placing” you in the appropriate class – remedial class or beginners’ class or advanced class. There is no minimum score to be achieved to “pass” the test. A placement in an advanced class should not leave you with the feeling that you are in over your head. Placement test practice will gear you to exhibit your present knowledge and skills.  Regularly working on placement test samples will refresh your skills and sharpen your abilities.


Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Revitalize your overall knowledge by practising with online placement test samples. Regular placement test practice will sharpen your skill sets and build your confidence.
  • Read carefully and understand clearly the placement test samples before attempting to answer. This is what you should also do in the placement test.
  • Review your English grammar skills with English placement test practice. There is a difference between spoken English and written English. English placement test practice will hone your grammatical proficiency in English.
  • Develop the habit of re-reading the relevant passages of the placement test samples to answer specific questions.


Rest and Exercise

  • Sleep well the night before. A sleep deficit will result in early fatigue, depleted concentration and dwindling focus.
  • Relax as you get ready on the morning of the placement test. But avoid involving yourself in diversions which would cause mental disturbance.
  • A light exercise regimen may help release stress and relieve tension. Just enough exercise to help you relax your muscles and feel fresh. Don’t do anything to cause you to feel worn out or worse cause yourself an injury.



  • before the test eat healthy food but in moderation. Being hungry during the test will affect your concentration and adversely impact your performance. Over-eating could make you feel uncomfortable after a while. You may even end up feeling drowsy and unable to focus.



  • Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Don’t be too casual with your attire. Remember that dressing well boosts self-confidence. It would be good to walk into the test venue feeling good about yourself.
  • Plan to reach 20 minutes early at the venue. Leave well in time. Don’t create a situation where you are in a fluster because of a last minute rush.
  • Be positive. Know that you have invested time and energy for the placement test. You have prepared well with English placement test practice. You otherwise worked hard with placement test samples. Now you have to give the test your best shot. You cannot do more than that.
  • Hold your head high. Believe in yourself.
  • Focus on the test. Keep all frivolous thoughts aside.

In Conclusion

English placement test practices, in particular, and, regular work on placement test samples, in general, is an excellent way to prepare for college placement tests.  Add to that, rest, relaxation, and a healthy diet, and you have a winning combination.