How to Match Brown Shoes or Boots

In terms of shoes or boots, black is one of the safest colors but in some cases, black shoes do not work. For instance, if you are wearing a navy-blue suit than black shoes can underdo your look. The alternative is to wear or use brown shoes. However, the shade of the brown that you must be used according to your suit and occasion, is still a headache. Let’s not to worry much, this article will give you ideas about how you can choose the right match for your brown shoes or boots.

One of the easiest way in terms of selection of shade of brown looks at the color of your outfit. The simple rule is to select that color of shoes as the color of your trousers but you can be your own trendsetter. You can do few shuffling in terms of your dress and shoes.


As explained before, one of the elements that you must always focus on while a selection of shoes is your outfit (yeah common sense). If you are wearing a black suit, then try to avoid brown shoes. The combo of black and brown can be dangerous sometimes. However, if you know that you can wear both together by keeping the grace of both the color than surely GO FOR IT. On the other hand, if navy blue or blue suit is on your list today, then brown shoes are the perfect match. You can enhance your look by teaming your suit with blue or white shirt along with medium to dark brown shoes. If you are wearing a charcoal gray suit, then again brown is the perfect match. Brown boots also work with mid-grey suits as well.

The Office

Brown shoes can also be perfect office partner for you. Most of the people think that black shoes give you professional touch. While the reality is not as per this conception. Brown shoes at work can give you relaxed and smart look. You can wear brown boots with blue or grey outfits at work as well. Well if your color for today’s outfit is brown itself, then there is no need to raise a question. Brown shoes with a brown dress are like a match made in heaven. If you want to add extra classy touch, then match the patterned shirt with brown pants and brown suede shoes.


One of the major benefits of brown shoes or boots is that you can wear it anywhere and with anything. No matter you are wearing a suit or skinny jeans, brown shoes are perfect for all. Unlike black, brown offers you a wide range of shades and cuts. You can make your shoe collection unique by adding few pairs of brown boots or shoes in it.


Just keep in your mind while choosing your outfit and shoes that always go with things that you feel comfortable in. If you are good at carrying odd combinations then go for it. Brown shoes or boots are an excellent choice and if you pair it up with right accessories, you may end up with a stylish look.

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