Gurkha Cognac Cigars

When one thinks about a top-notch tobacco product, Gurkha Cigars might be one of the first names to ring a bell, and for enthusiasts, it is easy to see why. For over a century, the company has made premium products for their clients, building a reputation as the “Rolls Royce” of the tobacco industry. One of the most famous Gurkha products is Cognac, and it’s been adored by most of their customers over the years.

Gurkha Cognac is a radiant infusion of Louis XIII Cognac and Premium tobacco nurtured and fermented to absolute flawlessness. A beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper wraps the pleasant mix of Dominican long filler tobacco. Every Gurkha Cognac Cigar comes encased in a glass tube with a wax plunged cap that traps the cognac smells inside. Loaded with rich, velvety flavors and a smooth, aromatic draw, the Gurkha Cognac Cigar is a wonderfully tuned smoke adored by cigar epicureans around the globe.

Gurkha Cognac is unique in the way they are made and packaged. One of the first personalities known to make use of cognac to add more flavor to stogies was Winston Churchill. He’d dip his cigars in Cognac, Scotch, Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, and Ports. Though he was criticized for it, his response was always, “it is my money, my cigars and I could do whatever I want with them!”

When Gurkha is mentioned, you know you are getting a unique cigar, unlike anything you’ve seen or tasted before. That holds grand for Gurkha’s “flagship” cigar, the Gurkha Grand Reserve, which is a cognac mixed cigar. Furthermore, because it’s Gurkha, you know the only flavor they use is the world’s best cognac to add delightful aromas and flavors to these well-made stogies. The Gurkha Grand Reserve accompanies either a five-year aged Maduro wrapper or a Connecticut shade wrapper, which gives these cigars a rich, velvety flavor with a trace of spice and a charmingly light finish you’ll truly enjoy!


Why Is This Brand So Successful?

The substantial reason behind this is the tobacco itself. Gurkha is known for its fantastic blends of tobacco, utilizing a procedure that goes back to the turn of the nineteenth century and continues right up ’til the present time. They’re likewise packaged inventively in rarely limited release products.

Previously, these cigars were known for their exclusiveness; their brands would typically cost a lot of money per box. One of the Gurkha’s products, also one of the costliest cigars ever produced, is the HMR (His Majesty’s Reserve), – a box of the product which has 20 cigars costs about $16,000. Be that as it may, as of late the company has been focused on providing a similar top-notch product at a more affordable cost.


The company has likewise been celebrating its 125th Anniversary with a line of items that have been prevalently received. Like the Ghost, the 125th Anniversary stogie is likewise medium-bodied, with a blend of painstakingly chosen tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Brazil making a smooth and sweet flavor profile. It has a slick Cubra, Habano wrapper added with an Ecuadorian, Habano folio. It won the Golden Label Printing Award. The 125th Anniversaries are released in four different categories: XO (6×60), Torpedo (6.5×54), Rothchild (6×54), and Robusto (5×52).