How to Dress on a First Date

The first date is sometimes terrifying as you are going to meet your partner for the first time. However, the date itself is terrifying but planning the dress for the date should not be fearful and stressful. There are few simple rules that you have to follow while planning your dress. If you will follow these rules than hopefully, your next search on the internet would be ‘how to dress for your wedding’. These rules will make it clear in your mind that how you can be yourself and comfortable in your attire. Let’s take a look and plan your dress accordingly.

Stick to your personal style

One of the major element that you will have to keep in your mind is that your better-half want to see who you are. Therefore, rather than following trends go out for your personal style. It is not right to dumb out and transform your style into a stranger. If you are planning to keep this relationship for a lifetime than the other person must be aware of who you are. If you are planning to wear off-the-shoulder top than detached arms-sleeves style is better than elasticized-neckline. Make sure you are wearing such a dress especially a neckline that does not need continuous readjustment.

Your comfort is priority

The second rule that you will have to keep in your mind is that ‘Comfort is key.’ It is not important to wear heels just to look good if you are not comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable in wearing any of the dress at home than do not go for it. However, comfort here does not mean wearing PJs on your first date. You can also feel comfortable by looking good in some of the easy-to-carry outfits hanging in your closet.

Wearing too much

You must keep your dress and makeup balanced while planning for the first date. Whether you are over-dressed or under-dressed both the situations are not ideal. Always keep in your mind that less is more. Do not wear too much makeup and jewelry, you can end up in looking like going out to attend a wedding. Contrary to this if you are not making even a single effort to look good, you will be unappreciated as well.

Outfit colors

Every little detail matters while you are making a list of your look on your first date. As per psychology, every color has its impact. Color plays an important role in how to feel, your mood swings, how you think etc. Red is one attention grabber that make you stand out even in a gathering. Black gives you a formal but decent look. Dark gray gives you a chic look. If you want to give yourself a sharp look cutting through the world, then navy blue is one for you. Pastel colors are a refreshing and perfect pick for summer dates. Patterns give you classic and clean look.

Therefore, go out for natural or nude makeup, few sophisticated accessories, easy to walk shoes and a sexy outfit.

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