How to Dress For an Interview

Appropriate dressing is one of the important things to consider while you are going for an interview. Before you say any word in the interview your dressing, style, and vibe become your first impression. The way you dress for your job is completely different than your interview dressing. Every organization has a different dress code. Some companies prefer formal dress code while some go for the casual wear too. Here we have some tips for men and women on how to dress for an interview.

For Men: Most of the times, men’s dressing for an interview is wearing a suit. Obviously, it is better to wear a suit even if you are not going to a great job because it is traditional and conservative. Even in a casual interview environment, it is okay to look a little overdressed than being low dressed. Keep in mind these tips for wearing a suit when you are going to an interview.

  1. A suit requires you to wear the matching jacket and pant, a shirt, a tie and matching socks and shoes. We suggest you wear a dark colored suit with a light colored shirt. Your suit must be properly sized not too tight or too lose but comfortable.
  2. Go with the normal standard styled tie. It doesn’t have to be very slim or straight but a standardize tie. Avoid any flashy color ties on interviews.
  3. Wear formal black or brown shoes with socks on interviews. Do not wear sneakers, joggers or any kind of other shoes with the suit.
  4. When it says casual dressing, don’t go with shorts and polo shirts. Go there with khakis or light shade pants with the buttoned shirt. You can skip the tie and coat here but keep the other essentials same.
  5. Wear a matching leather belt.

For Women: Women are considered more fashionable than men and with their long list of essentials.

  1. Women should wear a suit with knee-length skirt or pants generally.
  2. With a dark colored suit, wear a nice blouse in light colors. Avoid anything lacy, sheer, animal print or low-cut.
  3. Always wear coat shoes with minor heels to your interview. But heels must be comfortable and shoes must not be open from toes or back.
  4. Keep your jewelry and makeup light. Use nude shades of nail polish. Wear the graceful and not too flashy, big, and shiny jewelry.

General rules for both Genders: We have added some general rules to interview dressing here.

  1. Iron your clothes well, shoes must be polished, and hair should be combed properly. You should probably take a bath before going to the interview.
  2. Use deodorant or light cologne before the interview. To keep your breath fresh maybe chew a mint gum before the interview and throw it away before entering the premises.
  3. It’s better to wear a wristwatch but it is optional. Make sure your phone is on silent or vibrate mode.
  4. Avoid bringing too much baggage with you.

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