5 Best Paid Jobs Without A Degree

Don’t you have money to get a bachelor’s degree? Getting a degree does not look appealing to you? Well, no need to worry as you are still left out of options. Most of the people after getting degree regret wasting their time and money due to lack of jobs. However, the truth is even without studying for years and years, you can get good paid jobs.

In various career paths, the experience is more important than education. Most of these jobs open doors of opportunities for individuals and a good pay. No matter either you are looking out to start your career or want to switch job, these best-paid jobs are perfect for you without much training. In some of the jobs, skills matter more than a mere degree. You may get a degree from a prestigious institute but if lack skills than a piece of paper (degree) are of no use. Therefore, working on skills is important rather than wasting your money and time on getting a degree.

Following are best five jobs that are highly paid without even getting a degree and need minimal training. Take a look and go for the best job as per your skills.

  • Firefighter

A firefighter can earn up to $60,000 per annum, depending on their rank. As a manager one can earn $40,000, while a station manager can get more than $50k easily. In order to start this job, one will have to pass aptitude and written tests. There will be various physical exams as well in order to get this job. You may not have a degree but physical fitness matters.

  • Police Officer

One can be a police officer even without getting a degree. Being a police officer does not only mean to run on the streets chasing thieves, there are many other roles that you can perform. As a police constable, your salaries can range from $40,000 – $60,000. As your career progress, your salary is likely to increase.

  • Entrepreneur

For becoming a business owner and to start your own business, you do not need a degree. Business only needs investment, determination, drive and incredible idea. Your earning will depend on the success of your business. No need to waste years in a graduate school for getting your degree, you can easily start your own business and can start your earning as soon as possible.

  • Train Drivers

You may not need a graduate degree in order to apply for a driving job. If you own a license and know how to drive, you are perfect for this job. You will get a high pay as well as other allowance. If you are working as a train driver, then you can also enjoy rail travel at discounted rates.

  • Sales Managers

As a sales manager, you will have to lead a team and to complete your sales goal. You are perfect for this job if you have IT skills and able to lead a team. The salaries of a sale manager depend on how effectively you complete your sales goal.

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