How to Make Marijuana Tea Easy

Marijuana tea is considered as the alternate of marijuana smoking. The marijuana tea has a soothing and calm effect on its user. It relaxes your body and mind and put you out of stress real quick. It is said that it will start to affect its user after 30 to 90 minute period after digestion and the effects will last for 3 to 4 hours. The marijuana tea is a very high drug so oil extracts and fats are used to make this special tea in order to lower its intensity. Smoking and drinking marijuana tea is a criminal offense in many parts of the world so make sure it is legal in your area or you have a medical purpose by drinking it. Let’s have a look at the method about how to make marijuana tea.

Simple Method to make Easy Marijuana Tea:  The basic way to make marijuana is very simple and you will need these ingredients.

Ingredients: 1 grams of ground marijuana buds, 4 cups of clean water, 1 tablespoon unsalted butter or coconut oil extract, sugar or honey optional.

Recipe: To make the marijuana tea you need a pan with lid, a container, and a strainer or sieve. To make this easy for you we have divided the easy method into few steps.

  • First of all, you need to crush the ground marijuana buds into cannabis. You can try separating the stems and seeds and put them aside. Either grind them or chop them into little pieces with a sharp knife. Make sure you don’t turn them into powder but into chopped pieces.

You can mix the butter or coconut extract oil on these ground marijuana after chopping them to get more THC. The THC is the important ingredient, which gives the relaxation to its user. Try to mix them well and don’t use too much butter to soak but to coat each chopped piece of marijuana ground bud. The purpose of using any fats with marijuana tea is to extract the THC from the plant. Since the THC dissolve only with fats under high heat pressure, you need fats in this tea to extract the more potent of THC.

  • Add 4 cups of water to the pan and let it boil.
  • After boiling, if you didn’t mix together the ground marijuana tea with butter or coconut oil extract then put 1 tablespoon of butter or coconut oil extract and let it dissolve in the water completely. It will extract the THC from marijuana and allows you to ingest the freshly brewed marijuana tea with THC extracts.
  • Now add the crushed marijuana buds cannabis either in a tea strainer or sieve. You can put it directly into the boiling water too.
  • Let the marijuana tea buds simmer in that water for at least 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, take this marijuana tea cannabis out from the water by taking out the tea strainer.
  • Your marijuana tea is ready, pour it into a normal sized cup and add honey or sugar if you like.

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