Canadian Company Leading a Bong Cleaning Revolution

Many companies attempt to provide cleaning solutions in different industries over the years. Some are effective but equipped with non-sustainable materials. Others are inefficient but packed with eco-friendly components.

But your search is over. BongFresh has exceeded everyone’s expectations. But what is BongFresh? Originally made as a glass cleaning tool, it has transformed into a flexible solution in the cannabis industry and other sectors. From a glass cleaning option, it has become an excellent tool for glass, metal, quartz, and plastic water pipes.

From water pipes of different materials, BongFresh is specially designed for dab rigs, shishas, and vapes. Unlike the competition, it stands out because it is made with all natural and authentic plant. That’s not all! It is packed with a magnetic cleaning tool developed to break down or get rid of stubborn residue, water stains, and tar.

More than the optimal cleaning result, BongFresh can preserve the smell of water pipes, vapes, shishas, or dab rigs. But wait, there’s more! It can maintain the taste and aesthetic appeal of your collection. Plus, your cannabis accessories can perform at their best over time. From cleaning tool, BongFresh comes in different solutions. Here are some of their top selling products everyone should try:

Complete Waterpipe Cleaning System – With the variety of brands to choose from, BongFresh Complete Waterpipe Cleaning System is good to go. Unlike other products out there, it is a flexible solution. Not only can it clean waterpipe, but it is also perfect for shishas, dab rigs, vapes, and more. Equipped with the natural plant, it’s safe, risk-free, and convenient to use. It can get rid of the buildup of tar and other stubborn issues.

Waterpipe Cleaning Solution – Have you been using an inefficient cleaning solution for your cannabis-related accessories? Is your existing tool unable to remove water stains or keep its fragrance? Whatever the case may be, BongFresh Waterpipe Cleaning Solution has got you covered. With proper use, you can enjoy the quality and long-lasting results.

Cleaning Brushes – When you’re in search of cleaning brush, BongFresh has them all. They are BPA Free Heavy Bristles for cleaning small areas. They are perfect for a vaporizer, screens, vape, hookahs, and pipes, to name a few. Packed with sturdy stainless steel shaft, these cleaning brushes can last for a long time. They also serve as a universal cleaner for different kinds of smoke wear.

Quartz Fresh – BongFresh also prides itself with its Quartz Fresh. A revolutionary breakthrough in sustainable technology, Quartz Fresh uses biodegradable and potent ingredients from the safest resources. Aggressive and strong, it can break down water stains without harsh smells. While some brands require hours of boiling, Quartz Fresh is far different. With your cotton swab, it can clean or restore your bangers within a snap.

Before, cleaning vapes or dab rigs can be a headache. But things have changed when BongFresh has been introduced to the market. Cleaning has become time-saving, budget-friendly, safe, convenient, and sustainable.

For more information, please feel free to contact BongFresh today!