10 Movies with Unbelievable Scenes About Marijuana

Although the government is making marijuana legal in the country slowly, only now but there is nothing in the world that Hollywood love, more than marijuana, since the starting of the industry rather than medical marijuana. It may be easy to get a medical marijuana card now but surely that wasn’t the case always.  A 1930 cult classic, Reefer Madness is one the greatest example of how weed and Hollywood go hand in hand. Although the movie was more of the propaganda, rather than a fun film, it was the first encounter of marijuana on the silver screen. You might have gotten the context by now, okay, so let’s do it straight away. Here are 10 movies with unbelievable scenes about marijuana.

Reefer Madness

Let’s start with the best movie about weed from the vault. not! The movie is so badly directed that you want to shoot yourself in eyes before reaching the interval. The acting, the lighting, the editing, the EVERYTHING, is just as shitty as it could have been. Let’s talk about the story, the story of the movie is paper industry propaganda. The story of the movie wanders around some stoner college-going dudes who under the influence goes out of the hands and starting killing and raping people. The insane meters break when you get to know that people are just “trying” to get high.  It is not a documentary for sure.

The Hangover

We know how great, The Hangover is right? It is one of the most-awesome movies in the world at the moment. We have seen partying movies before but this one was something special. Three groomsmen lose the groom after a bachelor goes too much wrong; did I mention that they all get super high slash wasted before losing the groom to be like a bag of Cheetos? Yeah, the whole movie is just what the title says, a big bad hangover in which, the three friends are stressing their brains in the search to remember where the fourth one is? The movie being a total sausage fest is an amazingly directed and big shot of fun.  There are drugs all over the movie, random tigers and alien babies. Amazingly enough at one point in time, Mike Tyson makes an appearance in the film too. Yes, one of these shits also gets a face tattoo. I would like to put it in the bro comedy genre.

Up in the Smoke

Man! This Asian bro Tommy Chong knows how to write a classic and this is exactly what he does in ‘Up in the Smoke’. The movie is directed by Lou Adler and was written by Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin. It is one of the greatest bong movies of all time. Chong and Cheech both go to a get-weed trip which goes south of success a little too weirdly and they both get busted in the manner. Both of the heroes how to find their way out of the trouble and gets out of the clenches of law, you will get to know when you see the movie.

Dude Where’s is My Car?

What could have made a greater stoner movie than Ashton Kutcher and Seann Willian Scott acting crazy throughout the running time? This crazy fest movie is directed by Danny Leiner, it is something we need to see when we are looking for a stoner movie. The main story starts when Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott lose their car after getting way too much high. And the madness doesn’t stop here, the trade money with a transsexual stripper and even I don’t know how to fall into the trap of some space nerds for searching something they cannot even pronounce. The tattoos are here, the drugs are involved, one wild night is here, the craziest of the part of the whole thing is that it is a contextual copy of Hangover. But, still worth the watch time.


How the hell would you even believe that a teddy bear can speak or walk? It is practically not possible; until! You are high, of course when you are high everything is possible. This is what the whole movie is about.  Directed by Seth MacFarlane, yes the guy who created a famous animation TV show, “Family Guy”, and starred by Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Joel McHale, and Giovanni Ribisi, this movie is the hottest thing in the weed movies list. What he did special in this movie is that no human is doing the bong in it but only the bear. Yes, the teddy is hitting the bong in the entire movie.  Teddy’s best friend is Mark whose character John Bennett, is fed up from this shit of the bear and who drags him into weird scenarios all the time. Now, Mila Kunis is fed up from this bear, Lori Collins her character hates the absolute guts of his.


You know it is party time when Ice Cube is in the house and this is exactly what happens in this movie. This F. Gary Gray movie is written by Cube himself who represents life on streets, giving the solution to the things, the kids of blocks were facing at that time. Ice and his friend Chris Tucker are bullied by Deebo who keeps pushing Cube to the limit from where he hits back. A few minutes back his father encourages him to hit back with his fists rather than going violent with guns. This movie has a lot of weed, and excitement and of course, Tucker is here so comedy and a lot of it can be expected.


So, yeah, these are the movies made filming weed a better deal than any others. The history of these films and filmmakers can be somewhat controversial but one thing that can be expected from the movies is unlimited fun. Weed is an excellent drug, has been an excellent medicine too, making it a perfect herb. Thanks to some pretty powerful case studies and a broke government we have medical marijuana legal in most of the states these days, all you need to do it go online, acquire a card and buy products right away.